Apple Nut pudding cake with custard sauce

My mom’s secret dessert recipe ,is what I would like to call this warm and delicious soft pudding as .. especially saved  for house events when the usual monotonus encounter with the pudding or the rasgollas lead to a diabolic disregard..that’s when she would create this wonderful dessert ages back that which is a fantastic combination of apples, eggs and a gooey custard sauce and crunchy nut topping . In short ,pudding cake and  custard at one go!! That’s what I like about it. Its entertaining ..This wonderful gourmet delight is like having two desserts at one go.. pudding topped with a custard sauce with the crunch of the nuts..(you can skip them if you wish).
Don’t know where she learnt this from , but it is tucked away somewhere in one of her notebooks.
A big fat note book that she has been maintaining for years,since the time i was a kid perhaps in a not -so- tidy and an unruly way , with pencil and pen notes, cut- out of newspapers with recipes ,or magazines and even loose spreadsheets of some dishes penned /scribbled down..all put together in this notebook of is no discipline maintained in terms of the page breaks, or the cusines written down, all haphazardly wirtten down..Some of the pages feature my handwriting and my brother”s too!!! Don’t know when , he had written down some recipes for mom, perhaps from some cookery show helping her to write down and catch up with the speed of the process shown on the idiot box is what I would like to believe…ha ha ..Back in my childhood, there was perhaps just one cookery show that too a weekly one, and you need to write down the ingredients super fast so as to catch up with the pace of the process and the quantity of ingredients being shown.
Whatever it may be , tidy or untidy ,discipline or no discipline,the best of the recipes are here ,in this book, somewhere  hidden in between the pages..and when you are in dire straits and need the help of one of these recipes to save your day maybe for a day when ur cooking traits are being challenged , yet on that day, it would be a struggle to find that specific recipe from this book coz of the ay the dishes are written.. yet this book is the secret to few of the best recipes on the surface of this planet.


I guess every lady has her own secret book of recipes..While its extremely easy to find a recipe with the proliferation of cookey based shows, cook books and the internet of course, but yet your secret book filled with recipes is always special..I love my mom’s book, irrespective of the way the dishes are scribbled or the struggle that you need to go thru find that specific recipe. For me it possesses some of the most amazing recipes of the world.

And I know this apple nut dessert is here in this book.Mom found this somewhere years back and had penned down scribbled in one page,i assume it was some cookery show perhaps, coz she scribbled down very fast as I can see and must have missed some directions.Northwitstanding, this has been a hit in our house whenever she choose to make it for the guests. Everytime I would feel like making I forget the recipe ,so the best way I felt is to pen it down in my blog so that it stays concrete ,and I dont need to ask mom for that note book and have the struggle of going thru the entire book searching relentlessly for this dish..
A beautiful creation of apples and eggs, this one is a fantastic bake, the butter, apples ,milk and eggs forming a glorious combination to satiate your sweet cravings..And the sauce with it makes its an amazing dessert, hot or cold as you may like it..But on a rainy day or a chilly day, this is perfect to be served warm…even better when served  straight from the oven.

And finally after ages, the most beautiful decadent apple nut pudding appeared in my kitchen,  adorned with this amazing vanilla custard sauce..Perfectly warm and soft..with the tinge of nutmeg to tickle your taste
for Pudding cake:
Butter:50 gms
Sugar:150 gms(depends on the wetness of the apples)
Vanila Essence- a drop
nuts and raisins-few
nutmeg-a pinch
cinnamon powder- a pinch
salt- a pinch
for Custard sauce:
Milk:500 ml
Custard Powder:2 tsp
Sugar:4 tbsp or as per the sweetness you desire
nuts and raisins:few
Additional topping:
Cream-As you desire
Walnuts- few
Please note that if you want a smaller portion use exactly half of the ingredients mentioned. Mine was made with two apples and two eggs
    • Preheat the oven in 200 degrees.
    • Boil the apples , remove the skin and mash them.
    • In a separate bowl, blend beaten eggs, sugar and butter until smooth.
    • Now add the apples to the eggs mixture and mix nutmeg powder/cinnamon powder,vanilla essence and raisins or walnuts if you wish.
    • Grease a baking dish and pour the mixture in it and bake in the preheated oven for  30 mins until set in centre and brown in color.
    • If using the micropower(I used microwave cooking ,not convection since its faster and quicker), put it for 5 minutes.
For the custard sauce:
    • Heat the milk until warm.
    • Take a small bowl with little cold milk and 1 tsp custard powder mixed in it along with the sugar. Mix until there are no lumps.
    • Now add the custard -milk mixture to the warm milk and keep stirring (under low heat) until it forms  a thin sauce like consistency. Add in raisins and walnuts.
    • Plz note that the sauce has to be very thin, do not thicken it
To serve
Pour the custard sauce on top of the pudding cake just before you serve and top it with additional nuts and cream. The other way is to cut the pudding into small pieces, spoon warm individual servings into dessert dishes or bowls and pour custard sauce, nuts and cream over each portion before serving.
Your perfect homemade apple nut pudding cake with with a warm custard is ready.A perfect end to your meal.
So then ,indulge in this decadent dessert that comes with a sweet and smooth  custard sauce .Isnt it tempting?A beautiful baked pudding that is absolutely moist.It offers a dramatic presentation with the fall of the custard sauce on the pudding cake with the crunch of raisins and nuts. A must have for all house events and especially during the fall season when apples are in abundance..Experience divine happiness and relish this warm delightful dessert( or should I say two desserts?) on a chilly day .
Your treat with apples it is….


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