salsa rice and creamy tomato chicken

Not truly mexican, yet the flavour lingers throught the meal as you taste the first spoonful of this amazing flavorful rice .The tomato sauce and the parsley with the capsicum gives out that tangy salsa taste which engulfs the rice and leaves you salivating for the want of more ..

Actually this was born out of my pure laziness the sunday that went by..While the original salsa or mexican rice needs the rice to be boiled along with the broth, sauce and the tomatoes, my mexican rice doesnt follow any of these procedure.Its just a mix of your leftover rice and the ingredients that go into the making of a salsa..See isnt that simple??A reverse and simple way of salsa rice..You could add kidney beans to it as well for a protein enriched heavier meal.

And to compliment, a warm tomato cream gravy with chicken just completes a comforting meal.Its more of a sauce then a gravy, chicken peices in a thick creamy tomato gravy with just parsley and herbs, get the taste out of a simple base devoid of any spices is the art of a prolifc cook, and thats what i tried to do.Just create magic out of the base of the bland tomatoes by soaking in the richness of the cream to arrive at a wonderful succulent taste that complinets my rice..

Salsa rice

Boiled steamed leftover rice- 1 cup
tomato sauce- 3/4th or 1/2 cup as per your amout of wetness that u desire in the rice..
salt-as per taste
capsicum- 1 small cut into peices
onion- half an onion chopped
red kindney beans boiled-optional-3/4th cup
coriander powder-optional-1/2 tsp
parsely- few
olive oil-2 tsp
tomato- 1 small chopped


In a pan, add olive oil and garlic .Now add the tomatoes, capsicum and onions and fry for some time..Add coriander powder and put the rice ..Add the tomato sauce and parsely and adjust salt…If you love kidney beas, add them too at this stage,..Your slasa rice is ready to be savoured!!!

A quick way, very easy in the making ,this really needs no special skills..Just the raw veggies and you are ready to dress up your plain rice and tarnsform into a mexican flair..

Tomato creamy chicken

This one is a take off from your sizzler sauce..The garlic pepper or the barbeque sauce that it..the texture is the same..But here it is more of tomato and cream so as to get a rich atste with the addition of parsley.

Tomato puree-1/2 cup
Cream-1/4 cup( for a more creamier effect use 1/2 cup )
Tomato sauce-2 tbsp
chicken-200 gms
salt-as per taste
milk-1/4ht cup(you could add upto 1/2 cup as well depending on the texture of the sauce that you desire)
garlic-few chopped
cornflour in little milk
cream of mushroom soup(optional)


In a pan fry the chicken in olive oil, salt, butter, garlic and keep aside
Take another pan and drop teh garlic in olive oil.Add the tomato puree and let it simmer on low heat for you could add your mushroom soup as  well..I didnt use since i didnt want the flavour to deviate.Add milk and cream and keep stirring till it attains a certain taste.Adjust salt and sugar.Add the cornflour paste in milk and let the sauce thicken.Add parsley and put off the flame onec done..

Alternatively, you could cook the chicken in the tomato and milk gravy and add the cream at a later stage to create a sauce like texture..That works out smooth too with the chicken cooking in the gravy itself. However i like my sauce like a topping over the fried chicken hence used this method.

Alsolutely lip smacking and satisfying to your pallate, this complete your meal..A little mexican, a little indian, it is born out of very simple ingredients of plain tomatoes..And that the charm of creating a flavourful taste by addition of just a few basic herbs.The aroma of the parsley coupled with the richness of the cream lends a beautiful captivating taste .Truly satiating to my pallate, am sure it will warm up to urs too…


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