Pindi Chole(Chikpeas dry fry)

Chole ,Chana Masala, Pindi Chole ,Kadai Chole all connoting the same dish albeit made slightly differently is a gastronomy delight from the Punjabi cultural cusine ; or more so I guess the “Chole” has achieved its peak culturally in the state of Punjab in our country..At least that’s what I believe from my experience of having varied renditions of this chole across the country and cultural cusines..Made of Chickpeas (kabuli Chana)in a brown gravy of onions and tomatoes ,it has found its renditions and found its way across the country as a common dish to go with your rice, breads/bhatoora,puris/ parathas or even with aloo tikkis/cutlets

Yet i would say the way the Punjabis make it and with such effortless ease is terrific and worth mentioning..For them its staple diet…Maybe its just the way they put the ingredients or the amount of time that they take to fry is where the magic lies. But the even Chole amongst punjabis have their renditions..The chole or chana masala which is the regular funfare with a gravy and the not so common amongst the larger masses of the country the Pindi chole or pindi channa(black channa) are two different types of cooking styles that are generally heard off..

While the regular chole is common ground, “Pindi chole” which I am showcasing today is a dry kind of a “Chole” dish and is extremely tasty with a slight tangy taste and gets a dark hue from the use of tea bags while boile the chole.It is coated with the dry masala and  tastes delicious not to forget that its much easier to make then the regular chole masala..Its quiker, faster, easier and tastier. This is a simple recipe which does not use onions and tomatoes unlike the erthswhile chana masala.

I have used the big chikpeas(kabuli chana) , but you can use the black channas as well as they are commonly known for achieving the right taste on its own.The receipe using the smaller brown variety would be called as “pindi chana” then.

Kabuli chana/ Kala chana: 3/4th small cup(soaked overnight)
Cumin powder- 1 tbsp
Coriander powder 1 1/2 tbsp
Ammchur powder- 1/2 tsp
Red chilli powder- 1/2 tsp
turmeric powder-1/2 tsp
kashmiri chilli powder- 1 tsp
chole masala – 1 tbsp
ginger grated- 1 tbsp
salt- as per taste

Aijwain 1 tsp
tea bag- 1
garam masala powder- 1 tsp
asafodia- a pinch

For boiling the kabuli channa:
cloves: 5-6
Cinamon- 1 large stick
asafodia- a pinch
salt- a pinch
1 tea bag
black pepper- 5-6

Boil the chana in a pressure cooker  by adding cloves, cinamon, asafodeia, salt,  and the tea bag.You could also keep the tea bag in the boiling water for some time and remove it and then boil the chana.The use of tea bag is just to achieve a dark brown color.Let it whistle twice and keep in under low flame for about 10 minutes.Once done, strain the chana and keep aside.Dont throw the residue water since we will use them to add to the masala.

In a deep pan , add the strained chole and add the masalas over it. Coriander powder, Cumin Powder, Chole Masala Powder, Turmeric powder, red chilly powder and garam masala powder. Add salt. Mix slightly

In another pan, add oil, and when smoking hot, add aijwain and the chopped garlic and ginger juveniles.Fry, and add the hoit oil and the mix over the choles that are on the other pan.

Mix them well, stir . Add the water that was left from the boiling of the choles. Adjust salt , cover the lid an dlet it cook for a while

Garnish with coriander eaves before serving

Absolutely easy and flavorful with the choles absorbing the combined flavor of the masalas, perfect to go with your meal.And if you want it like a light snack ,you could make this a totally dry dish and savor with just slices of onions and chopped green chillies and some mint leaves to go with.

Either ways, pindi chole manages to crete its own unique identity with its preparation and taste and is definitely can take centre stage on the dining table. Best to be relishes with Parathas or Rotis and paired with some, curd, and pickle by the side


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