Misti Doi(flavoured Yoghurt)- the magical dessert of the eastern culture

My favourite dessert:::yes that’s what I am introducing today, Misti Doi; very common to my culture, but uncommon to the world, ..common in the culture yet, its rarely made at home ,and i have no answer to the question for why people do not make it at home..

Misti doi is the equivalent to the flavoured yoghurt on a global platform..The flavour here is of date jaggery..while on  a national level,Misti Doi or sweet curd, is the equivalent to the rabris and the shrikhand of the west.. Competition to the sewaiyas and the kheers,and the local curd  , this delicious dessert of the east is slowly making its headway in the other parts of the country..

Ask any bengoli or assamese about his/her favourite dessert(barring rasgollas which is sacred withing teh community), and you will only hear misti doi..It is so inborn and inherent in the culture and cemented in the taste buds that it is impossible to like any other desert..

But ironic as it may sound, this dessert has still not been able to warm up to the taste buds of the country in general, but very localised and a favourite amongst the inhabitants of the eastern side of the country..

But i guess, now its making its way into different cities by virtue of many local brands venturing out into other cities like Kolkata’s popular brands “Makhon Bhog and “Sweet bengal”, which have misti doi as one of their specialities and hence its easily available for people who are aware and love this curd. In fact, “Makhon bhog” , have launched their own branded “misti doi’ sold in packs of 100 gms across certain supermarkets of the city..It is sold in the sweet and curd section and  is really heartening to see  sweet curd in the shelfs of food stores now..Am so glad to the brand makers for this englighted idea to sell packaged misti doi across super markets..Actually why not? if butter milk and lassi, flavoured yoghurt  can be sold in packs, why not misti doi..It should have been launched much earlier, but nevertheless,  its getting its due share now amongst the fmcg category  brands now in

Irrespective of being it sold as deseerts or being a local favourite, yet very rarely people make it at home, nor do they even try.Am not sure why, why we never try also, but even on searching the net, you wont find too many varieties of authentic misti doi..So here i am, posting an authentic misti doi receipe, straight from my mom’s hands.. In fact i was stunned when mom made it at home and it was absolutely market bought sweet curd..

And to let you know, this ahs always and always been my favourite, and recollection of my savouring it in kilos on visiting home for vacations during my hostel days while in college..Dad would specifically bring loads and load s of misti doi for me and i would devour it until the appeal wades off and i am able to suffice without it till my next vacation.

Although there are many modern versions now, and different ways of making them, yet i am writing about the version which my mom learnt from her forefathers, totally authentic, original and rustic, no modern twist or changes here..

You will read about caramalised sugar, or roasting the earthen pot on the gas stove, however while these are modern versions, I stick on to the original receipe which my mom makes and trust me it is outstanding..In fact i am stunned that its better then even the ones that you get in the stores..

Curd:1 tsp
Full Cream Milk:1 little thickend and reduced to little less then half
Cornflour:1 tbsp dissolved in a little cold milk
Date Jaggery:half cup grated, you can check the sweetness and add more if you wish


  • Pour the milk in a thick bottom vessel and start heating over low flame
    until it reduces to slightly less then half. Now add the cornflour
  • Slightly cool and add the grated jaggery to the milk and whisk it. When lukewarm add the yoghurt to the mixture and mix well
  • Pour the mixture in an earthenware pot( for authentic taste).Set overnight in a warm place and let the yoghurt set overnight.Just like curd, you will know from the texture when it is done.. Chill when set. Serve chilled as a dessert.For an earthy smell, you could slowly put the earthen pot on the gas stove to get that burnt smell..before you transfer the mixture to the pot.

    Sugar version minus the date jaggery

    While I am aware of the unavailibily of the date jaggery for many and to help you deal with this ordeal, I am also mentioning the  sugar rendition of this dish which can be easily made.This is a result of many searches across the net and tried and tasted as well.


  • Full Cream Milk (Dudh): 1ltr
  • Sugar (Chini): 8 tablespoon
  • Yogurt (Dahi): 1 tablespoon
  • 1 Earthen pot (optional)


  • Boil the milk in a heavy-bottomed pan, on a medium flame till it is reduced to half its original volume. Keep stirring.
  • Put the sugar in another pan and heat over a low flame to melt. Allow the sugar to caramalize (brown). Remove from the fire when done, add the caramalized sugar to the  reduced milk and mix well to blend.
    Boil for 10 more minutes on low flame.When done, cool the milk till it is just lukewarm.
  • Add the yogurt to the mixture and stir gently to mix.
  • Pour into the container and keep in a warm place for the Mishti Doi to set.
  • When the Mishti Doi has set and is firm, chill for a few hours and serve.

The result is outstandingy fantastic and superliciously delicious..I love it and am totally crazy about this dessert. You will not stop in a mouthful am sure..It is sure to vanish within minutes..In fact many a times i have realised that it taste even better after a day when the color becomes even more brown and the sweetness increases in the curd..It is terrific then to savour it..

So dont stp reading this..Go and do try out this new dessert, the royal dessert from the eastern culture…I love my doi with a rasogolla dipped in it ..Thats my signature style..You could invent yours too as you discover a new taste..



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