Mango smoothie chiller

As I walked around , glancing  through the shelves of  the cookery section, scanning  the cook books of the greatest chefs, be it Nigela”s bites, Sanjeev Kapoor, Tarla Dalal, I peeked through them quickly to see if there was anything quick and interesting for me to memorize, something new and uninvented , new blend of ingredients even an odd pair maybe and take back home only to recreate its magic  in the warm environment of my kitchen
I am referring to my day at the Oxford Book Store last saturday while my brother+Parthajeet Sarma  launched his new book(smart phones, dumb people, You can buy it online on as well) .It was quite a successful launch , raved by the guests and the media in their reviews .So while at the store, my joy knew no bounds as i had the chance to glance through the cookery section..with my passion for cooking and also of reading books, i have always loved book stores..I can finish reading a book in the store, in a quiet calmer environment,and  if the store has a cafe then nothing beats it..sip ur cup of coffee and enjoy ur book.

But on this day of the launch while i met and mingled with the guests, clicked pics , i also managed to quickly go thru few of the books on the shelves..Asian, mexican, bakes, diet recipes, low fat, diabetis, indian cooking, vegetarian, italian veg cooking and many more as i scanned through..
And a similar dish representing my  mango smoothie appeared with a different name inside a book.Now i have no clue about the chef/author nor do i remember the exact ingredients except that it obviously had mangoes , milk and sugar..But then that’s no drink..its just plain mango milk is what i figured out as i tried to recollect the ingredients at home while trying to recreate the same dish.

So as i pondered and though , realization ensued that you actually can make varied iterations in this recipe with the addition of an element that which compliments the mangoes and the milk..And what better then cream and ice cream that goes best ??So it was then..milk, sugar, mango, cream,yogurt and ice cream as topping..All put together to work out a smoothie like texture..


Mangoes:3 ripe Alphonso cut into small pieces
Milk:3 cup
Cream-1/2 cup or 3 tbsp
Sugar- As per taste or 1/2 cup/8 tbsps
8-10 cubes of ice
yogurt-3 tbsp
ice cream-1 scoop


Process the mangoes ,milk, sugar, cream, yogurt and ice cubes together in the mixer and blend it well .
Carefully pour them into individual glasses. Serve chilled and top it with a scoop of vanila ice-cream and cut mango pieces..

When the ice-cream melts and mixes with the smoothies that’s is a heavenly experience and pure divine satisfaction of your appetite.

Absolutely easy on the go, just the right type of mangoes to please and satiate you, this chiller is your perfect summer cooler ..Fresh, sweet and summery, a perfect tropical flair..

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