Pasta(penne) in Red Wine sauce

Stupendous!!…A shortage of Vodka in the original receipe relegated this dish to a new find and a superb flavorful taste.Gloriously simple yet authentically so italian ,with the infusion of red wine, it gives that extra twing to this dish..

No vaunted claims, but on a authenciticy level, the simplicity of this dish releasing such outsanding taste to ur pallate really took me by surprise..The same tomato and onion garlic based gravy,yet a far cry from anything thats indian or mexican…Just the right mix of fresh basil,oregano, tomato and the wine makes it a glorious claim perhaphs from italian gastronomy..

Originaly this was supposed to be a vodka based pasta which is rather a common yet deighful receipe..Since i realised that i didnt have any stock of vodka in my kitchen arsenal, i had to


think of a substitute..and all
that I had is a bottle of beer and red wine..Couldnt think of beer for sure with
pasta!!! So red wine it was.


However , to get the real taste
and color of red wine is what the magical charm of the dish,I tried doing that
initially by boiling the pasta in red wine just to get the red dark color..With
the dark color all it required was a few herbs, red bell pepper, black pepper,
parmesan cheese and stired in olive oil..So divine and simple..But alas, my
pasta never turned red..So really, I had to resort to the same procedure that i use for the
vodka sauce .Although the sauce achieved a darker color due
to the wine yet, the magic of the red wine is to literelly transport the pasta
into a dark brown color. Shall try it again sometime and maybe post it.


While its common tecniqune of adding wine in the end of a dish ,this one’s really cooked in a wine sauce and that is which gives out a beutiful robust taste that so gloriously engulfs your taste buds.And no, dnt worry of driving home drunk
coz of the wine, since most of the alcohol of the wine gets cooked off while simmering and what remains is just a little bubbling liquid.Here,
the wine is not added in the end but cooked alongwith the tomato sauce and gets
blended beutfully in the receipe..very simple and yet outstanding results ,thanks
to the fresh herbs.





Penne-1cup( or as per you desire)


Tomato- 2-3 large chopped(or 1
can if you are using the canned variety)


Onions- half chopped


Black pepper-8 or 9


Red pepper flakes- 1 tsp


Garlic- 1 tblsp chopped


Basil- few leaves


Parsley leaves- few


Dried herbs for garnish- 1 tsp


Cream-3-4 tbsp


Flour-1/2 tsp(optional)


Chicken broth(optional as per the
quantity of sauce you require).


Since I did not want a liquidy
form of sauce I avoided the broth.


Red wine- 1/2 cup


Grated cheese- As per your
desire..I use quate a quantity since I love them


Boiled baby corns- ½ cup
salt- as per taste
sugar-1/2 tsp





Put the penne in boiling water
and cook as per instructions.Keep them aside. Smear a little olive oil so that
they dont stick


In a pan, add spoon in olive oil
and add the garlic, onions, tomatoes.Fry for a few minutes and take it off
the pan..put them in a blender alongwtih fresh peppers, basil leaves and parsley
and blend them..Just blend them once so that its not very smooth.The peppers
should not break into a powdery form completely. Please note that using fresh basil and parsley is the trick.Do not try to use the dried variety for you will not get the right taste.That is which gives the tomato sauce a pure italian taste.


Once done put them back into the
pan and add the wine and let in simmer and cook on low heat.Add broth if you wish for a larger amount of  gravy..Add salt and sugar.Add cream and let it boil..Put off the flame and pour
this sauce over your pasta..


Alternatively, you could just
stir the boiled pasta in butter and pepper and mix them with the sauce and let it cook for a minute or two so that the wine sauce blends and engulfs the pasta in it..While the scent of the basil, black pepper and, parsely mixed in tomato is the base, yet the dominant flavor is of the Red Wine, and am sure it will leave you wanting for more..
grated parmesan cheese , boiled baby corns and dried italian herbs for garnishing.
I added a generous amount of
cheese since less cheese in any Italian dish doesn’t resonate with or rather
embody  Italian gourmet cooking….In the end a glorious receipe out of
your old wine..The color is perfect and the taste is so clear that it really needs no garnish at all.Savour it with a glass of ur favourite red wine and some garlic bread . Absolutely
divine and its your your perfect home-date -night…A surefire way to impress your



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