Mango fantasy-A tropical pudding


As we drove down, travelling and  touring down the city, enjoying the beautiful monuments, hotspots, food, lifestyle,we would see vendors (young lads ) with boxes of Alphonso mangoes at the traffic signals nudging the people nestled in their cars,beckoning by tapping on the window panes, alluring the traveller to buy this beautiful rich tropical fruit..In this scorching heat, these vendors are running around trying to sell their cartons to the on- road traveller ,as a means of earning their living, extra income due to the flood of mangoes available.,Hardcore marketing.. Am referring to my travel within the city over the weekend,with my kinder garden friend visiting Mumbai for the first time, as I showed her around the burstling liveliness of the city,its beauty, saliency , vibrancy  including the wonders and reminicence of the british rule and the beautiful architecture that lasts now in Mumbai ;the gateway of India and the heritage Taj to name a few.

                                                  The erthswhile Taj(After the terror Attacks)

I relieved the beauty of this city truly like a tourist the last two days really..And everywhere around  mangoes are found in abundance even in  the traffic signals.As your car slows down ,you will  see at least two vendors vying for your attention trying to sell their lot.Negotiations take place in that10 secs of the signal turning green from red,and at amazingly pace with rates boiling down to perhaps a hefty discount..Amazing isnt it? Convenience of ease at its peak…



The gateway of India, constructed by the Britishers as a way of welcoming Kin George  V and Queen Mary 

Thats the strength of this juicy seasonal fruit in Mumbai in terms of its abundance,variety, likebility and consumption parameters; that even on traffic signals you have access to one of the best variety of Mangoes in the world at your convenience..Mangoes
are just in..they have just made their appearance for the season..And you could
really see them everywhere form being sold at traffic signals to the
hypermarkets…All varieties.Esp in Mumbai, you are just exposed to myriad
varieties of this amazing juicy fruit..Which also symbolises the advent of
summer.The heat in Mumbai sucks and really only solace and beauty of this
prickly heat is the abundance of this ripe produce .The Alphonsos, the most famous  export quality of mangoes form Ratnagiri(a city  close to Mumbai) is so tempting that its almost difficult to resist,
irrespective of its absurd ,crazy expensive price.A very lucrative variant,
this one makes India “s presence on the global platform for its rich, sweet,
juicy,  succulant taste .Its really one of the best , compared to the rest in the world..

 The thirst quencer mango Gola with mango icecream at Juhu beach

During this season, you have an avalanche of mango receipes that satiates your tropical desires.Mouth watering, thirst quenching mango receipes is what you see all around be it  mango juice, mango icecream, ,mango pudding, mango salad,mango rice and a  most stunning innovation  what i relished yday at the famous Juhu beach is the Mango Gola with mango icecream!!!An innovation in itself…This city is amazing really, with the kind of experimentation that happens ,its trully fascinating..Any fruit, vegetable really can be elevated to a different level with a blend of mixes or concoction.. Mango Gola is a common as a roadside/street thirst quencher, and is  a blend of thick crushed ice wrapped around a little less then 1 foot long stick in the shape of a cone(oval shaped actually), and accompanied by a half filled glass of mango squash..You need to dip this stick with the crushed ice stuck into the glass and keep sucking the mass of crushed ice to absorb its juice..Now this guy just added a scoop of mango icecream to the block of ice,so while u dip the block into the glass, the icecream has already started melting and percolates down  in droplets into the glass and blends with the squash to work out a beautiful  and glorious mango flavoured juice or a shake kind of a texture..

And  since my childhood friend was  coming to Mumbai for the first time, I thought she deserved something  special.Hence a receipe conceived out of my happiness and excitement to create something delightful,to
captivate  her taste buds with a charming delicious produce of a tropical flair..

This ones’s truly a delicious tropical pudding which is very refreshing. But even before I start , let me be candid enough
to say that since the mangoes weren’t that juicy, it did not really turn out
that’ sweet.You will need really juicy sweet one for this to go this down as a
treat, a real exotic dish from gourmet cooking. Although in terms of the style
its more in the lines of cake baking, while the ingredients and quantity is all
that changes the texture and taste and transforms it into a pudding kind of a
dish rather then a cake is what I feel..
Alphonso mangoes taste best for this receipe for its quality .As I mentioned the delicous connotation is directly
proportionate to the quality of the mangoes used.Are they sweet?juicy and
succulent to get the desired taste? Mine weren’t alphonsos hence I had to
use extra sugar..Aditionally I used cardamom to blend with the flavor of the mango and take out the raw smell of the eggs.Its gives a calmer distinct aroma
of the cardamom mixed with the mango..
Since the batter resembles a cake batter albeit the mango
pieces, I used some of the butter as cup cakes as well for that visual
treat..its so much better to serve your guests in the form of a cup cake.
1 cup mango pieces
1/4th cup mango juice
1/4t cup milk
1 ½ tsp baking powder
1/4th cup butter
2 eggs beaten
1/4t cup sugar(I added a little more and honey as well)
½ cup white flour
Lemon- little
cardamon(crushed)-2 or 3(optional)
Grease a baking dish with butter. Pour the mango pieces on
it.Sprinkle with lemon juice and honey.
In a separate bowl, beat the eggs until fluffy and add
melted butter and sugar(adjust the sugar as per the sweetness of the mangoes). Take another large bowl and mix  the baking powder with
flour and salt. Now add the flour mixture to the egg mixture and add the juice
and milk..Beat the mixture until smooth..
Now pour the flour batter on top of the mango pieces in the
greased baking dish.. preheat the oven to 175 degree and bake until the upper crust
is browned..Alternatively you can put on micropower for 4 mins(I used micro
power).Insert a toothpick to see is the batter is done. If it comes out clean
then it is done..
Cool, refrigerate and cut into pieces and serve with
seasonal fruits and cream..
With seasonal fruits it tastes so much better and can transform itself to the level of an exotic luxurious dessert with the infusion of cream and
maybe a scoop of icecream..Grapes, oranges, watermelon, kiwis, strawberrys,
cherry, blueberrys and a topping of sweet cream would just transform it to a tropical treat..
It can just sweeten up your day when u need a tropical
escape…Fresh, sweet and summery!!!A
nice finish to your summer meal or a delicious breakfast accompiment.

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