The Marble cake


Am back yet again with another varient of a cake,
sorry but i am just predisposed to loving the art of baking beautiful, yummy
cakes .I love them.Reason? My mom”s a great “cake baker” and so
has most of the women in my family..My cousins have turned great cooks and hence
the inclination or rather  motivation to
create the best of baking treats
This time its not a chocolate nor a vanilla
but a mix of both . A cake with the flavour of chocolate and vanilla as
well.Sounds intriguing? While it might be abstruse to your understanding, the
cake is very high on a visual appeal, the taste and flavour obviously fantastic
The technique sounds a bit taxing but the outstanding
results that it delivers on a visual platform will leave your guests asking you
for the receipe am sure. This one comes in handy when your bakery treat skills
are put to test or when monotony sets in as regards to your regular tea cake.
A simple put together cake without much
fanfare, ideal to go with your cup of tea or coffee, it creates beautiful
strips along teh centre of the cake just like the strips that run through a
marble akin to the strips on a zebra and each peice when cut looks just so
right and freshly bought from your local super market

Thats the reason, I want to post this
receipe so that you do not need to run to the store next time for a
professional cake when you can get that look at home..
Flour- 2 cups
Cocoa powder- 2 tbsps
Sugar- 2 cups
Butter- 1 cup.You can substitute with oil
Baking Powder- 1 tsp
Salt- A pinch
Eggs- 4
Milk-1 cup(approx)
Vanilla essence- 1/3 tsp
P.S: If you want a smaller cake, use exact half of the listed
amounts.My cake is smaller ,with half of the quantities used, ie a 2 egg cake.

1.    In a large bowl, mix together eggs, sugar and beat with a hand
blender until its creamy. Add oil and continue beating until well blended
2.    In a separate bowl, mix together, flour, salt, vanilla essence
and baking powder. Slowly add this flour mixture to the eggs-sugar mixture, add
milk and beat just until the batter is smooth .
3.    Divide the mixture into two equal portions.Leave one portion
like it is and add cocoa powder to the second portion.(Actually its better if
the cocoa portion is slightly lesser then the plain portion for the cake to
form those perfect brown stripes, otherwise it might just get merged.Its upto
you actually, mine didn’t turn perfect as you can see from the top pic).Preheat
the oven to 350F/180C. Grease the pan with some melted butter
4.    This is the most taxing part of the procedure i e of assembling
the batter in the baking pan. Am showing pics of the same above for you to
understand the process. Add 3 tbsps of the plain batter into the centre of the
baking pan.Then add 3 tbsps of cocoa batter and pour it in the centre on top of
the plain batter. Repeat this until the batter is all done, do not stop and
wait for the previous batter to spread.Just keep adding.
5.    Bake in the oven for 40 mins. To check if teh cake is ready,
insert a toothpick into the centre. It should come out clean when ready. Remove
the cake from the oven and let it cool
For using micropower cooking
I used the micropower and put in the batter
for 5 mins. Came out perfect (not convection just micropower. Its so much
faster and easier in the microwave that i hardly use the oven. I have  a Panasonic 27 ltrs microwave and 5 mins was
just perfect for my cake.
So then, doesnt it look amaizing? Straight
from the bakery? So do not stop here, this cake should be too exciting for
anyone to not try, so do try this cake in your next round of food events, am
sure it will give your inner self a raise your confidence as you master the art
of the striped cake, leave aside the lavish praises that you will be bestowed
upon your bakery skills. If you want to avoid those fatty doughy cakes in the
market, try this simple and light cake and am confident your guests and family
will be fascinated


I always believe that you should choose
your desserts and baked dishes well when you call guests over for a captive
effect. This one will surely earn you an applause for sure..

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