crumbled cake and biscuit balls with milkmaid

An absolute cracker of a sweet delight!!!Rather a smart creative idea is what i shuld say..The combo of the items required is the whole magic rather then the balls ( or the laddos as you may call them in the Indian context) itself, of course taste and flavour uniquely yummy and modern…..And no; it does not require any serious laborious task unlike other Indian laddos, in fact its a result of combining leftovers in your fridge.All that it needs  is a creative streak in you, a passion to create a new  taste ;a new delight .

So, it was a result of my  cleaning up my overstocked refrigetator today..and amongst the stocked items i had little leftovers of a cake and condensed milk(milkmaid)..I had no heart to throw it away nor the deisre to eat them..Had the cake for too long and lost my appeal for it. So ,the cake, milkmaid and parle biscuits combined is what transformed into yummy luscious cake and biscuit balls.And over 5 minutes is what it took to create this !!!!!Absolutely easy and quick, you can just start making them right after your dinner for a quick dessert..

But this isnt really my invention..The origins of this receipe lay in one of my mom”s magazines.Somewhere in one of the issues , written down was a receipe of an awesome laddo made of milkmaid and cake..That issue was a milkmaid special  is what i faintly remember..But i had no clue of what else went into it..

Nevertheless, since i had the exact combo of leftovers in my fridge, i thot of givig it a try..And the fact that it features in my blog is a proof or testimony to the fact that the result was outstanding in terms of both  taste, and the creation evolved  out of an unusually rare combination ..

A  desi version of the rum ball (minus the rum) is what it remotely matches too perhaps.The rum ball( or the chocolate ball) is also a product of leftovers..Yet it stands high in its unique taste amongst its family of cakes and pastries with the infusion of rum for that exotic touch..So also here, the condensed milk injects these balls , a product of leftovers; with a certain richness .


200 gms biscuits(Any milk  biscuits, i used Parle G)
100 gms cake crumbs
25 gms walnuts or almonds
1/2 tin milkmaid(condensed milk)
2 drops vanilla essence
pistachios for garnishing


Crush the biscuits(they need to be powdery) and add them to the cake crumbs in a bowl.Add chopped almonds and vanilla essence ..Mix it into a stiff but soft dough and make round balls out of them.

Place on an oily paper(or an oily surface), top with condensed milk and garnish with flaked pustachios..

Just enjoy them as they are, whenever, however..anytime , anywhere..An unique yet familiar taste,rather a familiar taste combined in an unique way, it wont fail to satiate your taste buds…A modern combo and a desi(indian) concept intermixed to arrive at this delicious sweet savoury..

So then,who would have thought that leftovers can create such yummy wonders??


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