Besan Laddos(sweet gramflour balls)

No , these weren’t made specifically for my blog.. They were an impromptu preparation for my 6 yr old neice whose love for these sweet balls , as an when it chooses to suddenly appear are synonomous with my preparation with the aroma of the intoxicating ghee filling the air in the house ..The scenic representation or rather the image representation of the aromatic flavour of the besan(chickpea flour) roasted in ghee as shown in a TVC of a certain brand on the idiot box is enough for her to nag me for these sweet savouries and therefore nudging me for recreating the same magic in the kitchen..What ensues is a beautiful creation of some yummy delicious ghee laded rich sweet laddus.

And this was one such day.She longed for these laddus.Actually its the aroma more then the taste,and really, the aroma of the roasted besan(gramflour) slowly engulfing the ghee into it is way too tempting  then the taste in itself.

So it was at her request that these laddos were made.

Laddos are  actually an Indian way of representing sweet balls . They are served as sweets and desserts in Indian houseolds and more specifically savoured during festivals, Diwali being the major one. Absolutely rich with high calories, it is an absolute heaven of candies and sweetness filled yummies ..However festivals or no, at my house, these are made as an when there is an inherent desire to devour them.

While on these laddus,its the technique of making them more then anything, and needs not much of complication.However mostly these are made and devoured during festivals and a common sweet during festivals. But  the amount of the time fried in ghee is all that you need to master for that the all so perfect laddu

For the global audience, ghee, as explained in my earlier post is a form of clarified butter and used in many Indian rituals and delicacies.

Servings- Makes 6-7

Besan(gramflour)- 3/4th cup
Ghee- 1/3rd cup
Powdered sugar-3/4 th cup
cardamom powder- 1/2 tsp
almonds/cashews- a few
Suji(Semolina powder)- 1 tsp (optional)

Roast the besan (and the semolina powder if you are using ) for some time. Now  add hot ghee(which has been warmed separately) over it and keep roasting the besan (chickpea flour) on low flame until you get a nice aroma and you know u have hit he right consistency and takes a crumbled form, the ghee blending in with the besan beautifuly. It should take around 20 minutes.Take it off fro the pan, pour the mixture into a plate and let it cool. Now add the powdered sugar and cardaman powder, mix the cashew or almonds whatever you chose to go with and make round balls out of them.

Let it cool and savour them as you want..

1. The Suji (semolina powder ) gives a certain crispiness and helps in binding the laddus. The local market bought besan is too powdery hence a bit of Suji if used gives it some stiffness..

2.  You can roast the besan in ghee directly, however its easier if you roast it separately for sometime and then pour the ghee.At least its easy for me, coz I do not seem to get the right consistency in terms of the roasting process when I roast the besan in ghee directly.

Absolutely soft and moist loaded with the aroma of ghee(albeit rich high calories)  these are savouries that just melts in your mouth. For Indians, there is rarely any need of convincing that needs to be done, for the rest, these are your chickpea sweet balls that are just a  representation of some fantastic moist sweet morsels of yum.

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