Sheekh Kabab Masala

Have you ever tried converting your starter into a maincourse entree???Well, I just did and it was quite a feat …Started with trepidation like a novice and finished off with great aplomb that which typifies a prolific cook.

No no,this is  not to prove that  am a prolific cook, just a decent about cooking is what i do with some creativity infused!!!

This was yesterday, when my bro- in- law from Bangalore came home visiting  for lunch and I had to use my frozen sheek kababs starters as a maincourse  due to sudden unavailibility of my primary  option  .

In general I never bother much about the menu when guests are over coz  its pretty much easy with home delivery options available from my local supermarket ..One call and all that i want  is at my door step….No hazzards, no ordeal , no trepidation at all.. More so, since there are about three local stores all vying for supremacy amongst the neighbouring building residents, the delivery options are super fast..Its just 5 mins that each one of them takes to deliver. And especially with Chicken, its always so convenient, with this option available..I have the option of contemplating a receipe and ordering the cut sizes of the peices or the type of peices  accordingly..If i have grilled legs in my menu for the day’s meal, i would order for it , or if it is breast peices i am in need of, that would be delivered as well..So options galore .

But this morning, unfortunately , when i made the call, the voice on the other side  informed me that the stock of chicken hasnt reached so far and would be perhaps delayed..I panicked….I had no time..Also it was impossible for me to go out and shop, i am too used to getting my groceries home delivered anyways..And there was no time today..Also ,serving veg to my guests is pure sacrilege….Its unfathomable for me to have a vegetarian list of menu for guests…So I had to find a way out somehow..All that i had in my fridge was frozen sheekh kabas, which generellay are taken out as starters during house events..never have i consciously made a curry out of these kababs,.Never required actually when u have the option of getting fresh meat. While on sheekh Kababs, they are an absolute favourite as starters during house events , hence it always attained that status  and remained constant in terms of its perceived image as a starter…As starters they are just too tasty and salivating to use them as something else..Just with slice of onions, pudina(mint) chutney ,lime wedges , its a killer combo and who would like to change that?

But with limited or actualy no choice left, I took them out and  transformed them into a whole maincourse dish.The result i must say of transforming these kababs into a mainstay dish was fantastic and quite  scrumptious  and delicately soft..I would recommend this dish as a mainstay dish sometime, away from  your regular poultry receipes..Plus its extremely easy in the making coz ur kababs are  ready as it is , all you need is the gravy. But yes, you need to meticulously select the ingredients that go into the gravy to arrive at that perfect taste which blends with the sheekh kababs.The kababs anyways have their own taste, and you cant change them, therefore you need to add ingredients which complement the taste of the kabab and retains its wonderful aromatic taste and texture

For my global readers sheekh kababs are an
Indian/Pakistani/ middle eastern/central & South Asian /Mediterenean  version of the sausages, most often made with
minced lamb, seasoned with fresh mint and cilantro, ginger garlic paste and
shaped like sausages and grilled on skewers..Kabab literellay refers to grilled
meat . Sheekh means skewer( or iron rod) and kabab means the meat..The original
sheekh kabab consists of ground lamb or beef which are moulded to the skewer
and grilled with wonderful seasonings.


Frozen Sheek kababs:8-10 peices
Bay leaves- 1
star anise-1
Tomatoes- 1
Onions- 1 finely chopped
Cumin powder-1 tsp
Coriander powder-2 tsp
ginger garlic paste-2 tsp
red chilli powder-1/2 tsp
garam masala powder-1 tsp
turmeric powder-1/2 tsp
curd-1/4th cup
tomato puree-3 tbsp
cream- 1 tbsp
butter- 2 tbsp
pudina leaves- a handful
kasuri methi-1 tsp
salt-as per taste


Heat oil or butter in a pan.Fry the frozen kababs till golden brown on both sides and keep them aside.

In the same pan, add additional oil and butter ..A blend of butter and oil always gives out a rich aroma.Add bay leaves, cloves , star anise , cardamon. Add the onions and fry them.Add all the masalas and fry ..Add the tomatoes now , fry for sometime and add half of the fried kababs cut into very small pieces.This will ensure that the kababs get mixed with the gravy and with every spoon of the gravy, you get a bite of the kababs. Now add the tomato puree and curd. Fry a little and add water ..Add the dried fenugreek leaves and let the gravy boil. Finally add the cream and coriander and pudina leaves before serving..

While serving, arrange the gravy on a serving plate and place the remaining kababs atop .To it add boiled eggs or even scrambled eggs on top with side servings of lettuce, cucumnber,  onions and pudina leaves…This creates a taste that is beyond the ordinary sheek kabab, at par with the  glitzy restaurant fare..Your starter just got converted to a maincourse in a jiffy and what an outstanding transformation it is …It defines gourment cooking at its best..

So next time when you heve left over starters at home from your house party, dont waste them when their appeal wades off , turn them into a maincourse for your next meal…The ominuous frown of discontent of having the same kabab as a repeat meal  will disappear and transform into a joyous applause .And you will be proud of yourself…Enjoy with rotis/phulkas/naans or plain rice..

Easy to cook, hard to resist….Enjoy the aromatic flavour and soft texture of  sheekh kabab in a curry… get your hands on that pack of starters stacked in your deep freezer now!!!!


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