Gajar ki Kheer-Buttered carrots(grated) in condensed Milk


Gajar ki halwa,twisted to Gajar ki kheer.The same ingredients but a unique taste.And i love the kheer version much more then the halwa.Every person until now  savoring this  has raved about this recipe and most often carried my  recipe back home with them..That’s the strength of the recipe”s taste , texture and flavor that it is almost intoxicating as you feel the richness of the ghee and the condensed milk blended into the grated carrots.

Less of ghee and calories, high in calcium from the milk, I guess it adds much more then the halwa.

If you are bored of the halwa, then try this one..A milky version withe the richness of condensed milk, this will surely satiate you taste buds .and just impossible to stop in one serving.

This was supposed to be my dessert  for my guests last weekend when they were to come home for dinner.But they never came and am still cross with them.So next time, this post will be served as dessert to them .

So the full bowl got over in between me ,niki and mishi and it satisfied our cravings to the core. Soft milky carrotyy morsels of yum . And so very Indian is what i love.

For my global readers, gajar halwa is one of the most liked, relished , savored Indian desserts and you will find very few indians who would think otherwise and not enjoy a bowl of this amazing dessert.. The carrots fried in ghee and milk, until the milk vanishes and dissipates to form a thick mass of halwa, or dry pudding that you can resonate with.This is a rendition of the same with addition of condensed milk and a larger quantity of milk to give it a liquidish form , the carrots soaking and blending with the milk..Totally salivating, mouth watering and rich in taste with the blend of the sweet thick condensed milk.
Ghee is a form of clarified butter for the global audience and is used for many delicacies and rituals in india.It has a discerning aroma and lends out an amazing flavor to the dish.And ghee really has no substitute to the flavor that it lends.Ghee in india is mostly made from buffalo and cow’s milk.


With the addition of the raisins and almonds the dish elevates itself to a higher level to where i wanted it to reach..The fluffy raisins mixed in the milky assortment gives that all so sweet and tangy taste, that it is difficult to even express by words.The milk gets a dark orangish color and absorbs the taste of the carrots so gloriously..The sweetness of the ghee absorbed carrots mixed with the rich condensed milk and the blend of the dry fruits is all so perfect to create the all so loving India’s most loved dessert.This is definitely a brand extension of the halwa and I strongly recommend every Indian across the world to try their hands on this one.It will never fail you and will  satiate you in excess.That’s my confidence in this dessert which will earn you lavish praises, apart from satisfying your own cravings ..

And for my Indian expats and the guys who live abroad and long to have the halwa or indian desserts, can definetley try this one at home since it requires lesser time and effort then the erstwhile halwa and no arduous task of frying the carrots on slow flame.The carrots abroad are sweeter and lends  a beautiful juicy taste anyways, plus it needs not much of frying, just the milk and the carrots , am sure it will give a much richer taste and a dessert with an  Indian touch .For the rest, this one is worth a try, a great milky pudding with the rich nutrients of carrots soaked in milk.


Gajar ki Kheer-Buttered carrots(grated) in condensed Milk
A beautiful indian dessert made with carrots and milk. Twisted from the very popular gajar halwa, this is Gajar kheer. Milk, condensed milk and grated carrots combine well to create a beautiful indian dessert .For Diwali, and other celebrations this is perfect to woo your guests
Recipe type: sweets
Cuisine: Indian
  • Grated carrots( the red variety, not the orange, coz they are softer and sweeter)-2 or 3
  • Sugar- As per your taste( Condensed milk already is sweet so u need to adjust sugar accordingly)
  • Condensed milk-3-4 tbsp
  • Raisins-few
  • Almonds-few
  • Milk-half litre boiled and reduced (you could add upto a litre as well depending on the amount of liqudish texture that you prefer).
  • Ghee(Clarified butter for the international readers)-2-3 tbsp
  1. In a pan, add ghee and fry the grated carrots until soft
  2. Add warm milk(which have been boiled an reduced to half) and keep stirring and let the carrots boil in the milk
  3. Add the dry fruits if you wish at this stage ,the raisins will fluff up having soaked in the milk..You also have an option of frying the dry fruits minimally in ghee and adding to the mixture
  4. Keep stirring until you hit the right consistency.
  5. Switch off the flame and add condensed milk(i used nestle"s milkmaid) and sugar if required.
  6. Mix well and serve chilled with additional nuts as garnish

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