Cola in a Cake

Cola in a Cake(eggless)

Are you a cakeholic? Or a cokeholic?? Well then this one’s sure to captivate ur taste buds as it
slowly vanishes the moment it comes into connect with your salivating tongue and earn you
guaranteed raves if you plan to impress your guests. Extremely moist and rich.Best eaten at room
temperature and more so when its absolutely warm, while the carbonated soda of the coke is at its
peak and works like magic by lending that extra softness beneath the facade of a regular chocolate cake.

Well, this is my second recipe of a cake and i promise there will be many following..I always believed that baking a cake although looks easy is very creative and can have different combinations to bake up a wonderful creation and taste. To each has its own, in other words, every person would have his or her own ingredients for a cake, even with the same ingredients, the cake made by two different hands will be different. That’s the risk and yet the beauty of baking a cake.

We all know that it is the iterations in the combination of the list of ingredients that bake up to a cake as desired by you or more so creates the perfect cake .A slight subtle difference in the list of ingredients or addition of a flavor will lend a different texture finish to the cake, rich, creamy, spongy and the like.

Hence its with trepidation that i always approach a new cake or a new combination of baking ingredients of a cake. and i smartly always bake the ones that i am confident of during house parties or get togethers. But then that’s also the beauty, that small difference in the ingredients can create a totally new baked cake. Every time I contemplate baking a cake my propensity to create an experimented and new cake increase as my hands will search for that exclusive and new element that i can infuse into the batter to arrive at a newer taste and a new cake.This time its “Coke” that is the hero here.I love cake and coke with vanilla icecream blended to work out like a smoothie..So the same flavor of the coke and cake if worked out on a cake gives different flavor and is a virtuous, glorious  new cake formed . However,you wont really find the taste of coke in this cake but it will add that something special which you cant put your finger on and count .Its smoother, spongier and softer..In short, all the goodness of these elements put together.

While on cakes, there are just too many variants .In fact there are blogs, recipe books , cooking classes exclusively dedicated to cakes, which proves that you really need specific skills to master the art of making and baking varied cakes..Coz it never is just one recipe for a cake..A new ingredient will change the taste of the cake.While egg vs eggless is juxtaposed on a macro level,the  eggless version  has its own problems/ordeals and differentiation with the filler required for the vacuum created by the absence of the eggs..Thus you have cakes made with just water( which actually is the most good looking cake), or condensed milk or curd/buttermilk..That’s the basic three simple types of eggless cakes .Either water, curd/buttermilk or condensed milk supplements for the eggs. While on these, again you can add variations of fruits, or drinks or wine to lend a rich flavor to either give a fruity, alcoholic, or chocolate flavor.So in short, cakes are many fold, with cream, with icing, without flavor, with alcohol and many such variants..Even icing that we often relish on top of cakes are different types.They also add to the change in taste, making the cake, rich or gooey or tasty..Glaze icing, butter icing, almond icing, cream icing and the list is endless..Many a times a melange of  different  layers of icing are used  for that extra richness..

So you see the list is endless and that’s why i love baking cakes…You can use your creativity to the fullest.Many a times just a subtle inclusion of orange rind lends an awesome taste. My mom makes the most amazing vanilla tea cake with orange rind and orange jest.It will feature for sure in my blog soon.I also use a mashed banana at times for the softness..

Then there is the subtle difference in muffins vs cakes..which i think falls into an occult topic of discussion or  the topic is rather abstruse, for you need to understand the nuances in the way its baked..While banana muffins are popular, yet you would not see or hear about a banana cake that often, when the ingredients are almost the same. So its is a challenging task if you set yourself to understand cakes and its baking process and its relation with its larger extended family  of  pastries , muffins,cupcakes and brownies..

Anyways, before i use this post as my knowledge on cakes and their variants and start discussing on creativity, let me come back to my cake with cola.This is one of my favorite that compliments my cup of tea and i am absolutely confident of it soft texture.Adding coke makes the cake incredibly moist and  impossible to stop at one bite or a piece. In fact with Coke, the cake gets a rick dark brown color and the soda in the drink helps the cake to fluff and gives a very soft feel , in fact u almost feel the piece melting in your mouth..Its softer then a sponge cake ..And of course, condensed milk has its own rich taste which adds to a certain sweetness to the already rich texture. I have made cakes with Limca, Fanta, orange juice, carrot juice, rum( which actually is too common), but until now the Cola Cake tops the list of my regular tea cake(from my version of soft drinks infused cakes). Apart from infusing a dark brown color coz of the Cola, the froth and the soda in it gives beautiful soft and fluffy texture to the cake, and  just melts in your mouth.

6 tsp soft butter
8 tsp castorsugar/brown sugar
8 tsp condensed milk
1/2 tsp vanilla essense
200 ml Coke or any other Cola drink
1 cup Flour
3 tsp Cocoa Powder
1 tsp Baking powder
1 cup hick chocolate sauce
few walnuts and cherries

For chocolate sauce
2 tsp full cocoa powder
1/2 cp icing sugar
2 tsp cornflour
few drops vanilla essence
1 tsp butter
1 cup water

Beat butter and sugar till smooth and light. Add condensed milk and throughly beat it. Mix in vanilla essense.
Sieve flour, cocoa and baking powder together and add to the condensed milk mixture. Gradually add cola drink and quickly mix it till smooth.
Immediately pour into a prepared oven at 200 C for 10 minutes
Redce the temperature to 180C for 25 min. Unmould it and cool it.
Arrange in serving dish.

Spread thick chocolate sauce on the top.Garnish with chopped walnuts and cherries..

If using microwave power

Bake in the microwave for 5 minutes and standing time 2 mins.

I used the microwave(micropower) and put the power for 5 mins flat..and took out the cake immediately..

Method for chocolate sauce:
Sieve cocoa, icing sugar, and cornflour together.Add water gradually and mix till smooth.Add butter and vanilla essence. Cook it on medium flame till thick like custard consistency.

Am so much of a microwave person that i cook almost everything on microwave and have no patience to use the convetion or baking mode. Both ways , the taste is outstanding with no loopholes..The texture is so soft that it just vanishes the moment you take in your mouth,,The cola with its froth gives that extra puff and softness ,softer then a sponge cake as well..It s an ultimate desire for a sweet tooth, if you have one and you shold not wait for long to try this one..

For the egg variety, you can replace the condensed milk with two eggs.

This is my most beloved cake.this is like a tea cup cake and you could relish it with your cup of tea if made without the icing…In fact most often i make this without the icing.The icing appears as a dressing only on special ocasiions when there is  a need to impress ur guests perhaps or prove you bakery treat skills..

So this cake will elevete your baking skills to the level of a prolific cook with exceptional baking skills for sure and a surefire way to imprees that somebody special in your life…why not give it a try then??? I love my cakes warm and hot..Like they say ” sells like hot cakes””. This one in reality will live up to this saying…When warm and hot, the fluffiness is at its peak and the sofness of the warm cake makes the cake melt as it connects with your tounge.

So try this out for guranteed raves and lavish praises.Or if not anything else, just to impress that special someone in your life..”Coke” and a “cake” it is!!!!


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