Buttered steamed Basa fish fillets with chives

Am glad…Or am i glad???Having managed to finally get my hands on  the basa fillets that i have been wanting to savour for sometime now made me beam with a smile.. So a receipe with Basa fillet it is…

Basa for the unknown is a river water fish( catfish type) that is imported largely from Vietnam and hence found in local stores as the frozen variety ..Mostly fillets is what you get..It’s acceptence in the Indian market is of recent origin..It’s spreading its popularity quite fast and sees itself in the invention of many fish receipes in India .Mostly it is reccoemnded for  steaming, tawa fried or even light grilled and is extremely soft with no bones.

This fish has made its inclusion in many a restaurant’s menu of exotic fish dishes, and having savoured it quite a few times, I had this inherent desire to cook up a dish at home but somehow never managed to..And hence my eagerness to cook up a receipe with basa was on a high..The treatment of this receipe although simpletistic lends a perfect , all so glorious taste primarily coz of the right fsh used..Basa is more of a meaty fish then a fishy one…The texture is much softer then most Indian fishes that it just melts in your mouth..Hence steamed basa apart from being one of the easiest dishes to cook up, is very succulant, releasing its own juices to blend with the marinade that you might want to inject.

So i wanted a very simplstic receipe devoid any spices, that compliments stir fry veggies..An extremely simple dressing with the infusion of the herbs, ..came out extremely soft, juicy and delicious..The butter and the black pepper makes it more appealing.

I have used Chives, here to work out a different and unique flavour mixed with the butter and black pepper..Chives are an extention of the family of onions and spring onions, scallions, shallots and are the smallest in size amongst the family..Thinner then the others, it gives a discerning taste to the fish..You could feel the aroma of chives here, mixed with butter..totaly outstanding..You know, mixed herbs is very very generic and the tatse is so common..Add just one specific herbs to your dish and trust me, it tastes great and makes the dish bursting with an aromatic flavour of that one exclusive herb..Hence only chives was used in this receipe, you could add coriander too..But of course if you wish you could add  basil, parsley as well, which are the more common herbs and easily available..

A very quick dish, which u can wrap up just in about 5-7 minutes, even perhaps after your guests having arrived during your house event.Isnt that amazing??So who woulndt want to keep such receipes under your sleeves? just for emergency or for that specific day when everything goes wrong perhaps???

You cant go wrong in this one for sure and its sure to captivate your taste pallate..

Basa filets- 2(you can use as many as you wish)
Chives- few strands
Butter-1 tsp
Crushed Black pepper- 1tsp
Lime/vinegar- I used few drops of lime
Olive oil-optional(i used it for i love the juice of the fillets mixed with olive oil and vinegar)
Salt-As per taste

Take the basa fillets and marinade in butter, black pepper, chopped chives,coriander(optional) salt,olive oil..keep for 5 mins aside..Steam it for a few minutes and you are done!!! Add few drops of lime( or additionally you could add vineragr or lime in the marinade). Great to go as a  starter or a meal in itself with side servings of mushrooms, buttered spinach, or steamed baby corns and brocoli…

No preparation, no trepidation, this one”s  a dish whch needs no cooking skills at all.. With side servings of your choice to compliment, it sure will surely earn your indulgence , or rather  achieve resonance with your tastes…

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