Chocolate Cake in a saucy pudding

Cake and a pudding, a heart warming combination…Warm as it is, whats better then to relish it in winters??

With temperatures dropping, chilly climate,cold weather….its just so right   to savor a warm dessert…And whats the significance of a warm dessert if not enjoyed in winters?..Plus ,having celebrated my b’day yesterday I  am just in a mood to serve you guys  this exotic dessert to compliment a wintery dinner .

This one is a classic one, and serves the dual purpose of being a cake and a pudding .In short,a cake which makes its own sauce.It falls amongst my favourite homemade desserts .Although it can be served cold or warm, i love it warm especially during winters..So its absolutely great to go as a sweet serving in a birthday party in the chilly weather..

And i am grateful to the origins of this recipe which actually is  a very old cookery class that i had once attended right after my high school boards along with my friends Ivee and Dewy. Unheard about internet then (In india at least), the thrill of leaning a new recipe was as exciting as learning a new game/sports. It fell into the list of   extra cullicular activities during vacations . The only way you could learn a new receipe then was by resorting   to the magazines( that your mom would have perhaps subscribed to) or receipes published in newspapers or maybe from a neighborhood aunt or a relative or the more significantly high flying  cookery classes as it was perceived.Cookery classes then served high significance .  Out of all the 4-5 sessions that we  must have attended, this one is the only recipe which remained etched in my memory and have been a regular in my house parties, get togethers or even otherwise on a regular day when cravings for a dessert are high..And its extremely popular within my cousins’s households now as well.

It gives you the taste of a cake and the treat of a pudding as well..Isnt that great?Am  sure anyone who tries this will crave for more.It’s appeal never wades off , at least with me ,it been been years since i have been making this and i love it as much as i loved it a decade back.



for the cake
Flour-75 gms
Cocoa Powder-25 gms
Baking powder-1 1/2 powder
salt-a pinch
butter- 100 gms
milk- 1 tbsp
brown sugar- 100 gms( you can use plain sugar as well)
vanilla essense- 1 tsp
choco chips(optional) for toppings

for the  sauce
cocoa-25 gms
sugar-100 gms
hot water-300 ml


Grease a baking tin. Shift together flour, cocoa, salt and baking powder.Beat eggs and add sugar and beat until light. Add the butter and then spoon in the flour mixture slowly.Add vanilla essence and pour it into the greased tin.

To make the sauce, blend together the sugar and cocoa , then gradually stir in the water and mix well until the liquid is smooth. Pour over the sponge mixture.Dont stir..Bake for 30-40 mins at 230C. But since I used the microwave, I put it for 5 mins flat..Dont worry about pouring the sauce over the unbaked mixture.When baked, the sauce will go down and settle at the bottom  while the cake will rise up and float on top.Quite amazing actually…

Outrightly  delicious and  smooth , this is one of the best homemade sponge cakes ever with its own custard / pudding alongwith .. It is almost intoxicating as you feel the spongy cake and its sauce .Each time i make i never stop raving about it. Am sure you will agree as well..

Under candle lights, beneath layers of woolens sitting  by the fire, this warm dessert is a perfect finish to your winter party. Relish it with a scoop of vanila icecream if you wish..

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