Dried fenugreek(kasuri methi) and spring onion parathas

Hillarious as it may sound , most of my self invented receipes are born out of a shortage of a basic important ingredient .To a newer receipe ,born out of the old and the known..Well, unique in its taste, it does not mean that the new receipe falls within untouchable pallates or of unpleasent taste..Although some of my inventions haven’t turned out well in taste, few of them have workd out to give a totally new and scumptious flavour coz of either the concoction or mix of spices and they are the ones that i would love to write about.

This receipe ,a quick and a very simple one actually( and many of you from India might actually think why am i even putting up this basic receipe, maybe its not worthy of being featured in a blog),originally would have taken the shape and taste of methi(fenugreek leaves) parathas,however since I did not have them in my kitchen, i had to use the dried version( kasuri methi as it is called and available in super markets from various brands).To it I added spring onions( i actually used the green stems more rather then the onions),which i had got for use in some other receipe actually..

For my international readers esp from the western world, parathas are an Indian type of bread made from wheat flour.They could be plain or stuffed .Roasted and smeared with oil or butter, they make an amazing snack, and are the staple food of majority of households in the country.They are extremely popular in India and Pakistan, the originators and have extended their popularities to certain parts of south east asia as well apart from the middle east albeit with different names.


Wheat flour-two cups(or as per the number of parathas reuired)
salt-1/4th tsp
water-for binding the flour
curd(optional)-instead of water for binding the flour
kasuri methi(dried fenugreek leaves)–2-3 tsp
spring onions-2 (use 90% of the green stems)
roasted jeera(cumin) powder-1/2 tsp
few pods of garlic chopped(optional)
few chopped green chillies
coriander leaves -few strands
red chilli powder
aijwain-1/2 tsp

To convert this into a healthy paratha, u can use multigrain flour or mix nachni and ragi flour to the wheatflour for making the dough.In this case you will need to consume the parathas fast when hot otherwise they tend to harden coz of the addition of nachni and the ragi flours.

Knead the flour with spring onions, kasuri methi, curd or water as you wish, jeera(cumin) powder,garlic, coriander  powder, aijwain, salt, red chilli powder, green chillies a little oil to make it soft and warm water. Leave the dough coved with a damp cloth for few mins..This makes the dough soft.

Make small balls out of the dough and roll them out into thick flat parathas.

In a pan or griddle or the most commonly used “tava”, roast the paratha on both sides on low flame and start putting the ghee/oil(I used ghee, for its aroma) while turning the parathas.

Once done ,keep it covered  until ready to serve.Ideally parathas taste the best when hot.

A new taste and a new combination, this recipe features in my blog(albeit,parathas  falling in the common holiness of everyday food for many houselds) just to show that we can use varied combinations of veggies, spices to arrive at a unique tates ,away from the regular ones.

So try it out these lip snacking parathas,with some dollops of butter, like the Punjabis have in India, along with  curd and pickle,anytime, anywhere, a great quick snack  ..As a maincourse, you could compliment it with a dish of  pulpy black channas(black chickpeas).Will post the receipe of black chickpeas sometime later..

Eat healthy, stay healthy..

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