Creamy chicken and broccoli curry/stew with fenny

This one’s truly an invention, conceived out of my shortage of wine in stock and had to use a substitute which turned out as a virtuous recicpe that is absolutely delicious.The substitute in the name of “fenny “ worked like a charm.For the record and the lesser known audience,fenny is a goanese alcoholic drink, a spirit,akin to wine,  made from either coconut or the juice of the cashew apple, made and popularized in the Indian state of Goa.It is not sold outside the state of goa.


Actually; now to think of it,what do u do with all the booze lying at home,that you got as gifts and are not your excact favourites or when u r almost a teetotaler?Dont throw them out of your window or gift them away, infact use them in your receipes and make wonderful comforting meals to serve ur guests and earn an applause for your cooking .
 There isn’t a story that went into the making of this receipe
,just that I wanted a mild dish that complimented my Arabic pulao( receipe in my next post).This could be a wonderful chicken curry if not a stew and
would go very well with some light and fluffy basmati rice or even Spanish rice.
Also, since I used the pressure cooker(  common in indian cooking), the chicken came out very  extremely juicy and tender. This is more of a
country style  homemade chicken curry
with the chopped onions and tomatoes not being removed while serving. In case you want it to hit the consistency of a stew you will have to strain the curry to remove the tomatoes and onions..


Now, while I was looking at cooking something that
would go with my Arabic pulao preparation,a mild bland dish to complement the
pulao which itself is extremely mild albeit its spices, I tried varied
combinations to arrive at this receipe. As written earlier, I try a lot of
experiential cooking to arrive at a unique taste, or rather I try to put an
unique spin to my receipes but a taste that resonates with me and is applealing
..The fenny was just a last minute substitute to
wine, the more common element in chicken stews.


I didn’t have wine in  my kitchen but instead found a bottle of
fenny gifted to me by my very close friend
Elanith while she had gone to goa for a holiday. And not too fond of fenny as a
drink, I was trying to find a way to finish the bottle anyways. So I decided to
use it for my receipe and give a drunken twist to the chicken.

servings: 1 person

 Chicken:250 gms


Onion-I small




Cardamom-2(one black an one green)






Bay leaves-1


Corianderpowder-half tsp


Curd-half tsp(optional)




Tomato puree-1tbsp


Salt-as per taste


Fenny(or wine)-1 tbsp or as per taste-I used fenny


Ginger garlic pste-1/4th tsp


Green chilli chopped


Coriander leaves- a handful
Brocoli- a few florets


Chicken stock/water-as per the amount of gravy you



In a  pressure cooker, drop a tbsp. of oil,and add
the spices(cardamom, cloves,cinnamon,bay leaves).When they become dark, add the
choppend onions and the ginger garlic paste.Add the green chillis and chopped
coriander as well.Add the tomatoes and keep frying. Please note that I have used
very less tomatoes; coz my comfort of cooking chicken stew does not really
include fresh chopped tomatoes .Add a little coriander powder and add the
chicken. Keep frying and add the stock/water if the chicken sticks to the
bottom of the pan.Add salt ,pour the stock /water and close the lid and let the chicken
cook .Once 90 percent cooked, open the lid and add a mix of cream, curd and
tomato puree to the boiling stew/curry. At this stage add the blanced brocoli florets.Keep boiling open on low flame for sometime
and add the fenny.Keep boiling till the time the infusion of cream and the
fenny give s out a distinct, discerning flavorful aroma.Taste and see if the
fenny is too strong,in that case add a little more of the cream and puree
mixture to mellow down the flavour.If you need a more liquidy base,you can add additional stock/water.Once you know you have hit the right  taste and consistency, remove from the pan and
its ready to serve..If you want a neat and plain stew you could strain the stew
through a liquidizer and serve. However, since I like my gravys to be a bit
pulpy, I let the stew remain as it is with the chopped onion, and tomatoes  which were cooked along with the chicken  giving that tingling
taste of something solid  in this curry.


 The aroma and the taste that is created is the mix
of the cream and the fenny on a larger platform, while the tomato puree and the
curd breaks the creaminess of the cream. I don’t like too much of cream hence
added the curd and the puree to give a deliciously   alcoholic
taste. ,If you have any misgivings about
using curd, you can avoid it as well. If not poured at the right time,the curd can curdle and break into granules. Every chef has their own inventions , and  that stems from trying and cooking different
cuisines and the urge to create something unique away from the mundane and
known tastes. So this one’s my invention for sure and it is a sure shot winner
to my taste buds. Am sure, it will create quite a stir amongst your guests and
earn u an applause, esp this would go very well during chirstmas, new year’s or
any other parties with a wine and a drink session. This definitely is a delight
to the western taste buds and would complement with spicy Spanish rice along
with a  glass of wine or whisky……Its very
easy to make yet full of flavor and texture. And yes, you might want to
sprinkle some freshly ground pepper before you serve.


Happy cooking..
And toast to a very happy new year 2013!!!!!

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