Easy Chocolate Brownie

Chocolate Brownie

Somewhere in the North eastern  part of the country,amidst greenery, lush green mountains, the mighthy river brahmaputra flowing under the sun”s rays , where; to witness  sunrise is a beauty( esp while jogging across the bridge above the Brahmaputra) by virtue of being in the eastern most part of the country, bordering neighboring countries,  where good food is considered sacred , there; growing up in a small lively neighborhood household  ;two decades back ,a small girl was chomping away, her dark brown crispy brownies made by the much loving neighborhood Aunt, Mrs Barua(“browniisss” that she would call them as)..

That was my first introduction to a brownie ,and man, was it superb, and decades now, it still is my world’s favorite brownie. Barua Mami( for my global readers,”Mami”, is the indian analogy for an Aunt, at least in majority of the states), as I would fondly call her, was an amazingly wonderful cook  and I absolutely loved gorging on her savory sweet dark brown brownies.And years later, springing into adulthood, and being a food lover  with a little more  then average knowledge about world cuisine,I still haven’t found that taste of Mrs. Barua”s brownie anywhere.Brownies from the best of cafes and restaurants have failed to amaze me, honestly, coz that taste is still so glued and  sealed on to my taste palate. That soulful search for that taste have made me experiment various iterations to the combinations that go into the making of a brownie..

We all know that the ingredients of different brownies are all common and the same.Its the combination of the various quantities in the ingredients list that bake up to a perfect brownie..Having searched and  googled for that perfect brownie, I finally found a recipe that is closest to the taste that resonates with me on www.allrecipies.com. However , I made a few changes to the original recipe to give my own personal touch  ..walnuts were replaced with cashews (coz i didnt have them in stock), added choco chips, used butter along with oil to inject  richness, added brown sugar for that extra dark brown color and while it may sound sacrilege, the oven made a disappearing act and was substituted by microwave cooking.On the microwave , it took a flat 6 minutes, convenient cooking that I believe in ,while laziness was another element which increased my propensity to use the microwave..

And why not? you dont need to wait,you can just mix them up together and make it  from the scratch just right after dinner. Isn’t that great?


If you read up brownie recipes from across the world, you will very commonly see the use of sweetened/unsweetened cooking chocolate  as a basic ingredient.I use them too making variations to my brownie sometime .However I know that in our Indian households, cooking
chocolate is not a very common ingredient in the kitchen.Only  during events,when a specific receipe is to be made with exact instructions so as to perhaps impress your guests, a special
hunt for cooking chocolate is made across super markets  ..But cocoa is very much a part of our kitchen arsenal.. I will put up the chocolate version sometime later.Right now it’s the more simpler version of the brownie which can definitely be your midnight companion.

Also, a brownie mix does not need too much of smoothness like a cake batter, it just needs to be mixed and immediately put into the oven which gives the rawness to the brownie unlike the smooth texture of a cake.Also, I like the sugar granules to remain half dissolved so that u can bite into them while eating the brownie, therefore its really easy to make and I don’t even mix the batter too much.This recipe does not require any basic skills,in fact any first timer cook also can win an applause for these recipe, take my word for it..I can gorge on them anytime of the day , and u will too, am sure.

Cooking time: 6 mins(if using the microwave) and 20-25 mins (if using the oven)


½ cup oil(I used half oil and half melted butter)

½ cup all purpose white  flour

2 eggs

1 cup sugar( I used half qty of white sugar and half qty brown sugar for that extra dark brown color.You can use lesser amount if you do not want that extra sweetness  )

1/3 cup unsweetened cocoa

¼ tsp baking powder

¼ tsp salt

1 tsp Vanilla Essence

1/2 cup cashews( I used 1/4th cup)

1 tbsp choco chips(optional)

In case you want that extra richness, replace the oil with butter.


In a bowl mix together the oil ,sugar, vanilla essence. Beat in eggs.Combine the
baking powder, cocoa powder , flour , salt and add to the egg mixture. Stir until blended
well. Stir in walnuts/cashews.

If using Microwave cooking ( that’s what I used)


Put the batter in a greased microwave safe dish and
put the micro power for 6 mins..Take out and let it cool for sometime.Cut it in
squares and serve.I put it for 5 mins coz I did not want the brownies to get
very hard .Microwave power is very strong so you need to be very careful of the
timing.It can get hard pretty fast
For Using the Oven/convection:


Preheat the oven to 175 degrees C(350 degrees F). Pour the batter in a greased baking pan and bake for 20 to 25 mins until the brownie
begins to break away from the edges of the pan.Let it cool  before cutting it into squares and


These according to me are  the best home rewarding brownies .Relish them with  a scoop of manila ice- cream and chocolate sauce if you wish.
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