Chicken Noodle Soup

“Yummy ,such tasty food ,you  should appear on TLC” ! I was stunned, stunned at her views keeping her age in mind. But this is exactly what she had to say proclaiming that cooking is my “talent” while relishing her bowl of chicken noodle soup and  hakka noodles yesterday.”She” in question is my 6 yr old niece, who, while gulping her dinner  retorted that cooking is my “talent” and that I deserve to be on TV. Her idea of being fantastic or talented is directly proportional to an appearance on the small screen coz of the obvious reasons of viewing and being exposed to an avalanche of  reality talent shows nowadays.


And so I  realized that if you can satisfy the fluctuating taste buds  of kids then u have mastered the art of cooking. Coz their fuss of food and taste is so very difficult to satiate that you need to tweak your dish to cater to the kid”s taste palate..And yet you never know at what point of time the kid might  detest the food on his/her plate and term it unpalatable, a certain excuse  propping up of the food suddenly turning salty, sweet, tangy, visually ugly or whatever other unappealing excuse making even the most perfect dish a total failure in a second! So does the expert cook”s earnest effort turns into a blunder of all sorts!!!.Hence, keeping all these considerations in mind,  if u can satisfy a kid”s taste at any given point of time  then you r an excellent cook i would say.

And that was the best compliment that I got and with such a happy note I would like to post a simple chicken soup, ideal for your kid without the spice and the sauces ..And am sure your kid will warm up to this soup at the very first go.


Chicken:100 gms( or 4-5 pieces of chicken including the chicken leg, you could use boneless chicken pieces for convenience).I used the pieces with bones( removed the bones later having shredded the pieces), coz the flesh around them is softer for kids to chew.
Oil:1/2 tsp
spring onions
salt/ ajinamoto(for a more authentic taste, you need to use ajinomoto)
chopped garlic
Boiled noodles
veggies(carrots/cabbage/mushrooms)-I used just chicken and cabbage since i wanted the strong flavor of the chicken and not overshadow it by adding other veggies).

Take  a pan or a cooker(i used the cooker for convenience) , add oil, add garlic, fry for a minute  and drop all the ingredients together . Stir for a minute or so and add enough water for the soup and close the lid.Let the cooker whistle once and put it on slow flame for 6-7 mins until the chicken is soft.

Open the lid and you have got yourself a  soup without noodles. Shred the chicken pieces into small strips so that its easier for the kid to chew, also it increases the taste of the soup with shredded pieces absorbing the flavor of the soup .If you want a cleaner soup you could strain the soup but I let the veggies remain pulpy coz I believe that it is essential for  kids to savor those veggies, considering that solids and fibre needs to go into ther body. Drop boiled noodles into the soup to make it an absolutely  filling meal just like the “thukpa”( the erstwhile classic tibetian soup with noodles).This is almost a meal in itself with noodles, veggies and chicken . I would love to post the recipe of “THUKPA” however I havent found tibetian herbs so far in any of the supermarkets to ever prepare the soup at home..So my cravings for  Thukpa are always satisfied with a visit to “Sernya”, the only authentic tibetian reataurant that I have seen in Mumbai so far. A small joint( extending into multiple branches now) but absolutely authentic tibetian food is what they dish out with the herbs being transported from Tibet and China is what I was informed.

Coming back to this soup;for a kid, and especially with  a bad cold, running temperature or a bad throat  this simple  noodle soup  feels like heaven without the spice and the condiments of sauces.Plus its got all the nutrients intact and is full of energy required at their growing stage.

For  adults, you can modify it by adding soy and chili sauce if you desire for  a typical oriental soup.Additionally, you might want to add fresh chopped green chilies and even Worcestershire sauce .As side servings, enjoy with steamed pakchoy(Chinese spinach), steamed veggies(Chinese greens/broccoli/babycorn/beans) and boiled eggs . A total wholesome soupy meal to warm up to the cold weather!!! Absolutely light on the stomach minus the calories too.

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