brocoli and tofu stir fry with orange juice

To claim you belong to the  health conscious category of people is a
matter of convenience, while to act on it  , with an attempt to peg urself at that
bracket  is an arduous and a laborious task.
Healthy cooking, healthy food, healthy
receipes, all seems so hip and cool suddenly ..Irrespective whether  a person needs to shed those carbs or not( I
know I need to attain some carbs more then loosing it), yet to say that you are
health conscious can catapult u to the higher and elite class in society  and include u in intellectual conversations today
with the likes of celebs talking about heath food and endorsing health
brands.. Even if I am munching on a bowl of moong  sprouts
at office( which is something I love since my childhood, my dad loved it
too; not  so  much for its health benefits though but just
for its sheer taste), my colleagues are curious enough to reason out with me why
am I suddenly health conscious considering that fact that I have a slim
and  petite look and have managed to stay
that way for years .And honestly ;even with a sincere attempt to reason out, it
is difficult for me to explain that I have sprouts  coz I love it and loved it always,
nothwithanding the fact whether its healthy or not healthy. So suddenly, you
see a proliferation of  health receipes ,
healthty cooking books, and people yearning for those health recipes
and   a profound interest in healthy food and


Well , so  then let me soak into it as well and add to  the froth..


My love for broccoli is not so much coz of its
size, shape, colour or taste but more so for its healthy and medicinal value.
No one can deny the health benefits of broccoli. It has been called a miracle
food. It is a wonderful source of vitamins
and minerals.It  provides vitamin
k essensial for blood clotting and helps our vision and provides vitamin C  to build collagen which forms body  tissue
and bone and is a powerful antioxidant that protects the body from damaging
free radicals. By
including broccoli in your diet regularly, you can reduce and prevent ailments
like cancer, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and it can help lower
blood cholesterol. Brocoli on its own is extremely high in calcium  and vitamin k and extremely important for
ladies, very important for bone health and prevention of osteoporaris, which is
so common in ladies. Having been detected once with low calcium, struck me
hard, hence a conscious effort to include calcium rich food in my diet. Calcium
is one of the earliest elements in our body that begins to betray us ladies at
a certain age and its essenial that we replenish this depleting nutirient through
veggies ..So in that sense broccoli is highly recommended ..While on the other
hand, the soya counterpart of the indian panner, ie tofu is extremely high
on calcium  and vitamin E  and fat free of course unlike paneer.It  can increase bone mineral density in female spines. .So, although I love brocoli
, my pallate has not been able to strike
a cord with tofu so far, and which is exactly the reason why I never
tire of making varied receipes with tofu with varied mix of sauces and veggies
to arrive at a taste that can find a place in my heart and I am trying my
best to aquire the taste by mixing it with other veggies in this receipe
which is an excellent way to camouflaze the taste of tofu by addition of
various herbs along with broccoli
Brocoli- 20 florets(blanched)


Tofu-50 gms


Soy sauce-1/4th tsp


Orange juice-3-4-drops


Pinch of salt


Basil leaves-few


Dried mix herbs(oregano, thyme, celery, rosemary)-1


1 small Onion


6-7 garlic pods


In a pan, drop olive oil and put the onions, garlic
cloves. Just stir it and add the veggies and basil leaves quickly. Stir fry for
sometime and add the soy sauce and orange juice. Add salt  for taste and add the dried mixed herbs. Check
the taste and add orange juice if you need a tangier taste.



Succulent in its   taste
with the subtle flavor  of the soy and
orange juice, this recipe can be relished like an appetizer as well if not as a
main course. While healthy recipes are generally considered to be a little
below the regular taste palate, it is a task  to achieve a healthy recipe that tastes even
superior and succulent to the regular cuisine and needs an assiduous cook with
creative inputs. But with the  infusion
of orange juice ,  and the Italian mix of
herbs , with this recipe I think;  one can
achieve that exemplary feat and impress his/her   guests  and have a captive effect ..A healthy treat
with calcium and vitamin C and K .Trust my word for it.


As I sign off and  get ready to celebrate christmas eve with +Ripple Boruwa   and Gigi , wishing all you guys  merry christmas and eat your  turkey well!!!!Unfortunately turkey is not so
common in Mumbai, and I miss bangalore so much for it. Last year, while in Bangalore  I had a gala time  at Pinky”s(+Sangeeta Sharma ), enjoying our roast turkey to its



Merry Christmas guys! God bless.

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